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Q: I am looking for a bumper guard or bumper protector that will compliment my luxury vehicle. Most bumper guards I have found are bulky looking and permanently adhere to the vehicle. How does the BumpShox attach and will it be noticeable?

A: The BumpShox bumper protector was designed to compliment the most luxurious cars on the road. It’s a replacement license plate frame that doubles as a bumper guard. The BumpShox car bumper protector is comprised of V-Tech foam, an ultra light weight, weather proof material that flexes to absorb impacts. It will not rust or bend out of shape like steel bumper guards nor will it crack like plastic license plate frames.

Q: Will the BumpShox car bumper guard help protect the front and/or rear bumpers?

A: The BumpShox car bumper guard was designed exclusively for the front bumper of a vehicle. All mounting screws are recessed into the foam, so there are no exposed screws that can damage another vehicles rear bumper. The BumpShox bumper protector is a replacement license plate bumper guard. When used on a front bumper it may help guard the bumper from minor scratches, which can occur during parking. The BumpShox bumper guard may also help protect other vehicles that you may bump into during parallel parking. As with any bumper guard or bumper protector the BumpShox will not protect your vehicle’s bumpers in event of an accident or collision.

Q: Will the BumpShox car bumper guard damage another vehicle when bumped during parking ?

A: The BumpShox car bumper protector is made from a flexible V-Tech foam that will absorb impacts, there are no metal parts that can rust and bend out of shape. All mounting screws are recessed for extra protection. The BumpShox bumper guard was purposely designed wider and taller than a standard license plate to increase the protection area and distribute any impact energy across a wider area.

Q: How does the BumpShox car bumper guard attach to the vehicle and can someone steal the product ?

A: The BumpShox bumper protector was designed as a replacement license plate frame. Simply bolt the license plate frame to the front bumper using your existing hardware (Note: in some instances you may need to buy longer license plate screws). For theft resistance you can use locking license plate bolts. These are available in most auto part stores.

Q: Will the BumpShox car bumper guard protect my vehicle's bumpers in a collision ?

A: The BumpShox car bumper protector was only designed for low impact parellel parking situations. It will not protect your car's bumpers in event of a collision or accident.

Q: Can the BumpShox car bumper guard replace the rear license plate of my car ?

A: While the BumpShox was not designed for the rear license plate, it may fit some vehicles.

Q: Is the BumpShox car bumper protection weather resistant ?

A: The BumpShox car bumper protector was designed for outdoor use. We use stainless steel washers that will not rust. V-Tech foam will not crack or rust like metal car bumper protectors.

Q: I had a powder coated license plate frame that got chipped and started to rust out? Is this a problem with the Bumper Shox bumper guard ?

A: Not to worry. Metal license plate frames can rust and bend out of shape rendering them useless. The BumpShox bumper protector is comprised of a special V-Tech foam that will not crack like plastic license plate frames nor will it bend out of shape or rust like metal license plate frames

Q: The metal license plate frame I purchased bend out shape after using it only a month. Will I have this same problem with the BumperShox bumper guard ?

A: The BumpShox is comprised of V-Tech energy absorbing foam that is virtually indestructible. To test this claim, we placed the product (without the license plate) under the wheels of our vehicle and drove over the product several times. To our amazement the product survived the test, with a few minor abrasions.

Q: Can I return the BumpShox car bumper protector if I am not satisfied? What’s the return procedure ?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with your new bumper guard, you may return the product for a refund within 15 days of receipt, minus initial shipping cost. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. To return a product, please visit our contact page to request an RMA# and return instructions. Product must be returned in new / resalable condition. Damaged or dirty products will not be refunded.

Q: When will my bumper guard arrive? What shipping carrier do you use ?

A: Orders are usually processed the same or the following business day. We ship using UPS ground and U.S. Postal Service. Delivery time may vary depending on location. For NY and tri-state area 1-3 business days.

Q: Preventing Theft to BumpShox - Theft Resistant Screws

A: Most fancy license plate frames use standard license plate bolts or screws. However, if you want to make your BumpShox bumper guard theft resistant you may want to consider theft resistant screws. These can usually be purchased at any local auto part store

Q: Will the BumpShox front bumper guard work with my OEM screws ?

A: The BumpShox bumper guard works with most existing mounting hardware. In some cases the OEM screws may be to short. If this is the case you may need to purchase longer bolts or screws. These can usually be purchased at your local hardware store.

Q: Can the BumpShox Bbumper protector be used in rear bumper ?

A: The Bumpshox bumper guard was designed for the front bumper. Product may not fit the rear bumper because of the Flex Finn Extender.

Q: Is BumpShox bumper guard street legal ?

A: As with all novelty license plates you should always check your local municipality to determine whether product is street legal in your state, to avoid a ticket. Some municipalities do not allow novelty plates on the front or rear bumpers.

Q: Is BumpShox EZ Pass Compatible ?

A: Bumper mounted EZ pass tags are not compatible with the BumpShox bumper protection.

Q: How do I contact ?

A: You can e-mail customer service at