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  1. Survival of the fittest

    BumpShox XL Plus

  2. Bigger than ever

    All new BumpShox XXL

  3. Urban Jungle Tamed

    License Plate Frames

    Urban Jungle Tamed - License Plate Frames
  4. Get BSHOX Max

    Ultimate Protection

    Get BumpShox Max - Ultimate Protection
  5. Big and Small

    BumpShox Protects Them All

    Big and small, BumpShox protects them all
  6. Battle Tested

    Survive the Streets BumpShox 3.0


BumpShox front bumper protector is constructed of V-Tech foam rubber, which is virtually indestructible. To test the flexible toughness of BumpShox we gave the product (without the license plate) to professional body builders and asked them to twist, stretch and tear the guard using their world renowned strength. The BumpShox bumper guard survived the test without sustaining any damage…not even the slightest mark.