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    Peel and stick car bumper guards are the most common car bumper protectors, often found in car washes and auto part stores. Most stick on bumper guards are designed for the corners of a bumper, so they offer only limited car bumper protection. Corner bumper guards have seen a surge in sales because they are the affordable, easy to install and require zero maintenance. The only area where these bumper guards fail is aesthetics. Corner bumper guards are thick and ugly, often resembling “tank threads.” In addition, color selection for these bumper guards are limited to either black, beige or white, so chances are they will not match your car paint. While these car bumper guards have found widespread use among taxis, trucks and service vehicles most car owners are hesitant to use such products. Nonetheless, corner bumper protectors do provide some measure of protection, so if you are not after style this may be a cost effective option for you.