How is BumpShox Better Than A Steel Front Bumper Guard ?

The main difference is that the BumpShox bumper guard was designed to be flexible and absorb impacts. Steel license plates can bend out of shape permanently rendering them useless. Unlike steel frames that protrude out and can damage other cars, the BumpShox is comprised of a foam rubber than will protect the other car. Also the BumpShox bumper guard will never rust. Since the front of a car is always being subjected to flying debris, steel powder coated products can easily chip and begin rusting away. Lastly, steel products are costly, while the BumpShox is reasonably priced.

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Is A License Plate Replacement Frame Really Going To Protect My Front Bumper ?

Most aftermarket license plate frames were designed for aesthetics, not bumper protection. The new BumpShox bumper guard was designed to change the way you look at bumper protection. It’s the first license plate frame that’s also a quality bumper guard. The BumpShox bumper guard is wider and taller than standard license plate frames and it will not rust, bend out of shape or crack like plastic frames.

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What’s More Important Front or Rear Bumper Protectors ?

I think a front and rear bumper protection are equally important. However, the rear bumper of a car is usually unprotected and most susceptible to bumper damage. Without a rear bumper protector the plastic bumpers can easily tear when a sharp license plate screw makes contact during parking maneuvers. The front bumper of a car is slightly better protected, especially vehicles equipped with a plastic license plate front bracket. Front car bumper protection like the new BumpShox was designed as a replacement license frame that doubles as a bumper guard.

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Building A Car Bumper Guard Using House Hold Items

With a few household items, some time and patience you can build your very own car bumper guard. The idea to build a bumper guard came to me one Sunday as I cleaned out my garage. I had scraps of carpet all over the place and that got me thinking. Why not use the remnant carpet pieces to build my very own front and rear bumper guards. So I proceeded to cut and measure carpet. I decided that my bumper guard would extend 40” inches wide and 12” inches tall. After cutting out the bumper guard shape I punched out two holes along the top and retrofitted an elastic bungee cord. With my bumper guard all complete I proceeded to attach it inside my trunk. Bumper guard project complete!!!

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Why I Use Car Bumper Guards On My Vehicle ?

Parking on the streets of Brooklyn can be hazardous to your car bumpers. Growing up in Brooklyn has taught me to be a defensive parker. I am always cautious not to park to close to the guy in front or back, making sure there is plenty of space to easily enter and exit a parking space. Unfortunately, I realize that I can’t protect my car 24 hours a day, hence car bumper protection to the rescue. Although I have never been a big fan of bumper protectors I do see the value of having one in the trunk just in case I need it. After a few close call situations with my car I realize that bumper protection is a necessary option when you park on the streets.

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Why I Finally Decided To Buy A Front and Rear Bumper Protector

I Decided to purchase a bumper protector after my car bumper was damaged while parked on the street. I had seen bumper guards on other vehicles but decided to wait it out. One day I walk back to my car only to find that the vehicle behind mine was touching my bumper. In fact I could clearly see the license screw head embedded into my painted surface. There was really nothing I could do, short of kicking in the other guy’s car door. After this experience I realized that other people do not care about my vehicle like I do. Despite trying my best to park away from other people and being extra cautious, my car ultimately got bumped. Why do some people find it difficult to understand that I love my car and want to keep it looking new. Am I the only one out there that feels this way? In light of the events, I decided to purchase a bumper protector for both the front and rear bumpers.

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Parking in Brooklyn With A Front Bumper Protector Works

I have been living in Brooklyn since starting my job in downtown Brooklyn Heights. I quickly learned that parking on the streets of Brooklyn was no easy task. Not only were parking spaces difficult to come by, but it’s equally challenging to pull into a space only 12” larger than my vehicle size. I have perfected the art of pulling into a parking space without touching the vehicles fore or aft, thanks to ultra sound parking sensors. Nonetheless, the only problem is when other vehicles pull in or out from behind my vehicle they tend to bump and graze the bumpers painted surface. I have since bought a new BumpShox bumper guard for the front bumper and a rear bumper guard for the back of my vehicle. After months of parking on the street with the BumpShox, I can say that the product protects as good as it looks. I no longer worry when parking on the street, so I can concentrate on my job.

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Are Bumper Guards Only For SUVs ?

Bumper guards are most commonly associated with off road vehicles and SUVs. Big steel bumper guards were designed to keep brush and other off road obstacles from marring the fenders on trucks. In today’s market truck bumper guards are more for show than protection. These pricey, bulky steel guards are not meant for the abuse of street parking, since they easily dent/bend when impacted and often times they cause more damage. In addition, powder coated bumper guards are prone to rust which limits its useful life. The solution is BumpShox, a revolutionary new bumper protection system that’s designed especially for cars. The core of the BumpShox bumper guard is comprised of v-tech foam. It will not bend like steel or crack like plastic. Its flexible, so it absorbs minor parking impacts and bounces back to its original form. The coolest aspect of the BumpShox Bumper guard is that it looks like it’s part of the vehicle. Whether you drive a Bentley or a Honda you can appreciate the new BumpShox bumper guard.

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Temporary Flip-in / Flip-out Car Bumper Protection

Another category of bumper protectors are temporary flip in and flip out bumper guards. These highly stylized bumper protection products are popular among new car owners because they provide temporary bumper protection when needed. You simply flip out the bumper protector when you park and flip it back inside the trunk before driving. It can’t get any simpler than that. Since these bumper guards are comprised of a rubber material they provide an ideal barrier to parking impacts, absorbing most impacts.

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Peel and Stick Car Bumper Guards

Peel and stick car bumper guards are the most common car bumper protectors, often found in car washes and auto part stores. Most stick on bumper guards are designed for the corners of a bumper, so they offer only limited car bumper protection. Corner bumper guards have seen a surge in sales because they are the affordable, easy to install and require zero maintenance. The only area where these bumper guards fail is aesthetics. Corner bumper guards are thick and ugly, often resembling “tank threads.” In addition, color selection for these bumper guards are limited to either black, beige or white, so chances are they will not match your car paint. While these car bumper guards have found widespread use among taxis, trucks and service vehicles most car owners are hesitant to use such products. Nonetheless, corner bumper protectors do provide some measure of protection, so if you are not after style this may be a cost effective option for you.

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